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Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity October 2018
A Blue Life Wellness on the Water Program - Greek Islands



Serenity - defined as the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. The Finding Serenity Program will  provide the necessary cocoon in which this state of being can be achieved. It all begins with the opening of the heart, through daily Aroma Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Practices and Creative Expression activities.  Eight guests will set sail  on their spiritual journey through the Greek Islands  to find their inner light again. 




The journey to Finding Serenity will take you through unchartered waters of trapped emotions which often hinder you from moving forward. It’s time to release those trapped emotions to the sea and re-open your heart and allow Serenity to enter. The Finding Serenity Program is filled with daily activities to assist in releasing past traumas.  All negative emotions are released into the endless blue waters of the Mediterranean. Your journey of   transformation begins - this is what Greeks call Thalassotherapy. 


For more information and to request a program guide or contact any of our Wellness Ambassadors for more information:



Angela Mavredis - Program Creator


Angela has put together the new Blue Life programs from her 20 years of experience on the water, with Endless Blue. A sailor, a person of the sea, she understands the meditative state that the sea can have on people. Angela has designed endless sailing adventures for families, friends and corporate executives watching them re-unite, celebrate, love, laugh and just enjoy living in the present moment. She has taken that experience, combined it with alternative wellness modalities  and backed it by science to bring the Blue Life programs to life. Ask Angela anything that you want to know about the water, what it will be like, how is it on boat?, what if I get seasick? - Ask her anything.  


Anneli Collins - Program Lead


Anneli has gone from past participant to Program Lead as she has experienced multiple times the transforming effects of the water. She has travelled numerous times by sea with Endless Blue. Anneli's first hand insight into the organic nature of the program and how the week evolves will provide you first hand knowledge of what’s to come. An advocate of the healing effects of water empowered by numerous neuroscience discoveries, Anneli can provide you a virtual journey in your mind and is a great source of information. Ask Anneli anything you want to know. 


Laura Jenks Daily - Aroma Yoga & Essential oils


Laura Jenks Daly BSN MPA, a former pediatric public health nurse, has always been an advocate of health and wellness.  In recent years, her wellness journey has expanded into the study of aromatherapy, yoga and meditation.  Laura's basic belief is that the human body's natural state is one of wellness. Her passion is to inspire and empower individuals to take charge of their own health creating healthier and happier lives. Ask Laura anything you want to know about the Aroma Yoga to be preformed on board, on the beach, and yes on the water too!



Ellen Riordan - Meditation and Energy Work


Over the last several decades, Ellen Riordan, Ph.D. has integrated different forms of healing into her teachings including yoga, meditation, energy work, and psychotherapy. Ellen works from the premise that transformation is a continuous state and a lifelong process, but it is only when we open up to the act of releasing that we can harness our personal power and clear space for deep healing. Ask Ellen anything you want to know about the Meditation and Energy Work for the week, meditation on beach, mediation on the mountain tops and yes meditation on the water!


The most important thing of all when considering any of the Blue Life programs is to approach them with an open heart and let the water flow!




Registration Deadline: August 31, 2016