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Sunreef 62

Discover the Spain in luxury while practicing Green  Earth Concious Travel
Space,comfort and guilt free. The Sunreef 62 provides everything a motor yacht can provide without the large fuel consumptions





Enjoy this beautiful vessel in multiple locations - get away from your winter blues and dive into the Caribbean - then make your way for your summer in the West Med and travel through Spain, Balearic Islands, South of France, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia just to name a few. Sound good?


Winter Operating Area 2010/2011: Caribbean - Windward, Caribbean - Virgin Isl., Caribbean - Leeward

Summer Operating Area 2011: West Med - Riviera/Corsica/Sardinia, West Med - Naples/Sicily, West Med - Balearics

Guest Accommodation

The ideal configuration for 4 couples or a family. All cabins come with en-suite shower and bathroom facilities. Master cabin Queen bed, with 3 VIP cabins double bed. This catamaran offers stability on the water for any guests that may be a little reluctant to take a yacht charter holiday, cabin comfort and best of all over 100 sq. meters of deck space for hours of relaxing and enjoyment.

This catamaran can comfortably sleep 8 passengers with a 3 man multi-lingual crew to attend to your every detail

  • Tenders & Toys
  • 1 kayak for 2 pax
  • 1 sky board
  • 1 kitesurf learner
  • 1 kite advanced
  • 1 wakeboard with kiteboard for advanced
  • snorkelling for 10 pax
  • tubeing for 2 pax
  • dinghy for 7 person on board 4.2 meters long and 60 Hp